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    Heyo there fellow Ambrosian's!
    I am new to the forums but "kinda" old member of Ambrosian Bhop Server and gotta say "I am having a blast" while im hopping in Ambrosia.
    Community is nice and so warm hearted to the new fellows.
    Lets cut to the point, shall we?
    So, Heya there
    - My name is Konsta mostly known as Konna or KNA nowdays and I come from Finland aka Winland ^_^
    - I am 18 years old and I am still studying in High School (future English teacher, not sure though).
    - I love to play games especially CS:GO nowdays, cuz my girlfriend is studying abroad at this current time, so League of Legends is kinda on pause for now, cuz we mostly play LoL together and  ofc I am the AD carry she supports cuz she doesn't know how to kite like a speed demon.
    - I love to hang with people while bhopping especially who can bhop, cuz we  can share some "inside jokes".
    - Would love to meet more Ambrosian members in the Bhop universe.
    - I guess we shall see at the Great Galaxy of Ambrosia?
    Konna, out.

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    "One may not gather enough speed, but One shall gain enough speed" - Me when I was drunk and Bhopping