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    [28|04-06:15]Ryan~: why do we all go from such situations?
     [28|04-06:16]Ryan~: is it necessary to have it as always?
     [28|04-06:16]Ryan~: fk, I have been doing it from last 5 years
     [28|04-06:17]Ryan~: and another thing is
     [28|04-06:17]Ryan~: I passed medical, academic tests like intelligence, confidential, personality .....etc
     [28|04-06:18]Ryan~: even physical, my name came at merit and was called for the interview
     [28|04-06:19]Ryan~: there were only three hours left before I go for the interview, I was imaging myself in the Army uniform
     [28|04-06:20]Ryan~: suddenly my dad came to me and he started crying over my head, I became quite nervous at that time that why was he even crying ?
     [28|04-06:22]Ryan~: when I asked, he was keep saying the same thing DON'T GO, WHAT WILL I DO WITHOUT YOU AND I WILL BECOME ALONE
     [28|04-06:22]Ryan~: he is a cancer patient actually so anything could be happened to him at anytime
     [28|04-06:25]Ryan~: I took an hour in taking decision, not for my best actually for my family and I turned off my alarm which I set for the interview........... just one moment changes my whole life and my life is running as usual like that day was never been in my life
     [28|04-06:26]Ryan~: I hope you understand what I am trying to say, never disobey your parents, what they think for you is the best for you.... Alhamdulillah now I have taken admission in CA and life is going good even better than before.

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