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Ambrosia Surf MOTD




   * No Cheating or Scripting in our Servers. It will always lead permanent ban in all servers on Ambrosia.
   * No Advertising Others Communities in Our Servers.
   * Any kind of Racism ain't tolerated and don't overuse the Racists words in our Servers.
   * Spamming and Swearing in our Servers will be punished with a temporary Gag/Mute. After warnings from admins, You will get temp or permanently banned in the Surf Server.
   * Listen the Admins on the Server because only thing They try to Do is help You.

Ambrosia SurfTimer Commands

   !b // !bonus - Restarts the Surf Timer for Bonus
   !hide - Hides others players on Server
   !nc // !noclip - Lets you familiar with the Map routes
   !r // !restart - Restarts the Surf Timer for Main
   !rank - Show the current Rank
   !sm // !selfmute - Let's you mute the player bothers you in Server
   !top - Shows the current Top 100 players
   !usp -  Spawns a usp silencer
   !wr - Prints the Records of the Map in chat

Where could I apply for Surf Server Admin?

You need Register up on the forums at and introduce yourself to the community.
After you have done the several steps you can apply admin in our Community and you can found our Admin applications forms in the Top of Forum Tabs.

Ambrosia Links:

Admin Applications