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Ambrosia Surf Rules


1- No Flaming/Swearing/Insulting/Racism/Sexism.

- If you are caught doing these terrible things, It will lead you to a ban.

2- No mic spamming/chat spamming.

- No unnecessary use of microphone (shouting, screaming, arguing, playing music)

3- No impersonating or disrespecting players/staff.

- Do not impersonate staff or other players names
- Do not excessively hound, insult or target players or staff.

4- No map glitching/server exploiting.

- If you find an exploit within the server or the map, report it as fast as possible  on Ambrosia forums or to a staff if one is present.
- If you are caught abusing an exploit, you will be punished. Sharing exploits will also lead to a punishment.

5- No abuse of the Call Admin feature.

- Any attempts to abuse the !calladmin system will result in a punishment.
- Please ensure that as much detail as possible is provided when using the !calladmin system to enable staff to respond quickly and efficiently.

6- English language only.

- You can only speak English in voice and text chat.

7- No Advertising.

- Advertising other servers or websites is disallowed unless they are officially supported by Ambrosia.

8- No cheating/scripting.

- Do not cheat in any type of way to gain unfair advantage over other players, always report exploits to the staff.