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Here you may appeal your ban on the community which will be reviewed by a member of the Unban Panel.

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If you feel that anything is going wrong & you are willing to report a specific member of the staff team, then you can file a complaint.

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Admin Application

You can apply for admin position of a server of your choice, don't hesitate.

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Community Servers

Status: Server: IP: Current Map: Players:
ONLINE DD2 Only |Ambrosia| (ENG) de_dust2 3 /32
ONLINE Jailbreak |Ambrosia| (ENG) jail_shapeless2l_v1 0 /32
ONLINE CW | Ambrosia de_tuscan 0 /12
ONLINE Surf | Ambrosia | (ENG) surf_cybol 0 /24
ONLINE Ambrosia BHOP [!gloves !knife !ws] bTIMER / Styles | 100TICK bhop_nira 4 /32
ONLINE Ambrosia Multi 1vs1 | !gloves !knife !ws | Ranks | am_ene_v1 0 /20
ONLINE Ambrosia Surf Server | !gloves !knife !ws | 100TICK | surf_forbidden_ways_​ksf​ 6 /25
ONLINE Minecraft |Ambrosia| (ENG) World 0 /50
ONLINE Teamspeak |Ambrosia| (ENG) N/A 4 /256
Servers: 9 Players: 17 Max Slots: 483

Ambrosia Games

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