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Ambrosia Community
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Unban Request

Here you may appeal your ban on the community which will be reviewed by a member of the Unban Panel.

Unban Appeal


If you feel that anything is going wrong & you are willing to report a specific member of the staff team, then you can file a complaint.

File a Complaint

Admin Application

You can apply for admin position of a server of your choice, don't hesitate.

Apply for Admin

Community Servers

Status: Server: IP: Current Map: Players:
ONLINE DD2 Only |Ambrosia| (ENG) de_dust2 0 /32
OFFLINE Deathrun |Ambrosia| (ENG) deathrun_blueoffice 0 /32
ONLINE Ambrosia Bhop 100tick |**NEW STORE** !knife !ws !gloves | bTime bhop_lego2_csgo 0 /40
ONLINE Ambrosia 1v1 Arena 128tick |!knife !ws !gloves | 6257 | am_dust2014 5 /32
ONLINE TeamSpeak |Ambrosia| (ENG) TS.AMBROSIA-SERVERS.​COM​ N/A 2 /32
ONLINE Ambrosia Jailbreak Server | TF2 JB ba_jail_minecart_b7 0 /32
Servers: 6 Players: 7 Max Slots: 200

Ambrosia Games

In Game